Registration Help

This page includes help and information on the following topics:

Registering for a 14-day free evaluation

The evaluation provides access to all of I2E’s features, but on a subset of the content sources. We also provide some queries to get you started.

By submitting this registration form you are expressing an interest in evaluating I2E OnDemand but please be aware that you will not automatically be granted an account.

What happens next

An I2E OnDemand account manager will contact you by telephone to discuss your data searching requirements. If the account manager agrees that an I2E OnDemand evaluation will be useful to you, he/she will set up your account, which takes between two and five working days.

Once your account is active, we will send you an email containing the link to your I2E OnDemand login page. Please bookmark this page. The username and password for your I2E OnDemand account are the email address and password that you supply on the registration page.

If the account manager is unable to contact you by telephone, he/she will email you. If the account manager cannot get in touch, your application will expire and no account will be created.

How we use your email address

We use your email address:

How we use your password

Enter a password that you want to use as your I2E OnDemand password. Please remember the password that you enter. If you forget your password in the future you will be able to reset it.

The registration form only accepts your password if it is at least 8 characters long and includes at least one letter, one number and one special character (one of !"$%^&*()-_=+][{}#~@':;/?.>,<`¬). To further improve your password's security you can also mix capital and lowercase letters.

How we use your phone number

Please provide a daytime telephone number where you can be contacted. We do not automatically provide I2E OnDemand accounts, and an account manager may contact you to confirm the details for setting up your account.

If the account manager cannot contact you, setting up your account may be delayed or cancelled.